Founded in 2008, the vision for Constructex was to be a business based on outstanding technical skills, tenacity, innovation and an absolute commitment to our people and clients. In 2011, we still aspire to this vision.




Constructex is committed to being one of Australia's leading and diversified construction contracting and consulting provider through our unique delivery model.  We will achieve this by being an employer of choice for our people and a partner of choice for our clients.   


In addition we will:


- Commit to the successful completion of a wide variety of construction, services and engineering projects.    

- Commit to continuous improvement in all we do. 

- Understand our clients' businesses.

- Achieve our vision of  "No Harm" through safe and responsible work practices. 

- Build and maintain open lines of communication with our people' our partners and our clients.

- Create an environment where our people are challenged, motivated and satisfied.

- Conduct business ethically, honestly and with diligence at all times.